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Information that may be requested to process your mortgage loan.   Please note that not all items listed will be required.  Your loan officer will let you know which items are needed for your particular loan request.   In most cases copies of these items are sufficient.  Your loan officer will guide you.


     •     Pay stubs:  covering the most recent 30 days for each borrower

     •     W-2’s for the past 2 consecutive tax years (all borrowers) *Most Recent Years

     •     Complete personal tax returns for the past 2 consecutive tax years

     •     Complete Corporate tax returns (all schedules) for the past 2 consecutive tax years

     •     Year to date Profit & Loss Statement & Balance Sheet

     •     Social Security Award Letter

     •     Pension Award Letter or Retirement paperwork

     •     Proof of Social Security receipt (copy of bank stmt showing direct deposit)

     •     Proof of Pension receipt (copy of bank stmt showing direct deposit)



     •     Copy of Purchase Contract for new purchase

     •     Copy of Sales Contract for home you are selling

     •     Copy of your current mortgage statement(s) or coupon book

     •     Current mortgage lender(s) name, phone #, account #

     •     List of other real estate owned

     •     Leases on all rental properties owned

     •     Home/Flood Insurance:  Copy of dec page or Agents name & phone #; Policy #

     •     Settlement Statement from when you purchased your home

     •     Last 12 cancelled rent/mortgage checks (both sides)

     •     Condo or Co-op Questionnaire and/or Mgmt company name & phone #



     •     Most recent -2-  months bank statements (checking/savings)

     •     Most recent -2- months/quarterly investment accounts / 401k’s / other

     •     Cancelled check for deposit on house (down payment)

     •     Bank Statements for income: 6 mos; 12 mos; 24 mos (Loan Officer will determine)



     •     Copy of divorce decree (complete copy-all pages) and/or child support

     •     Bankruptcy papers – All pages as well as Discharge paper

     •     Proof of self employment: Business License for 2 yrs or CPA letter 

     •     Copy of most recent survey

     •     Copy of drivers license or government issue photo ID

     •     Copy of social security card all borrowers

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